Zbigniew Libera

The Final Liberation I and II photographs in photojournalism convention depict the scenes of the U.S. soldiers being warmly welcomed by Iraqi women. The photos were taken in the artist’s studio and published in Przekrój weekly (April 13th, 2003). The artist explores the status of the photographic image in visual culture, undermines the credibility of press message and authenticity of the pictures presented there, emphasizes the manipulative nature of the mass media. By deceiving the viewer, provokes and makes the viewer realize the mechanisms of the knowledge/power relationship in today’s society.

Ostateczne wyzwolenie I i II, 2004, fotografia
The Final Liberation I and II, 2004, photograph

Kolekcja Galerii Arsenał w Białymstoku
Collection of Galeria Arsenał in Białystok

Fotografie/Photos: Wojciech Pacewicz