Artists from Twożywo group (1998-2011) in their actions, situated mainly in public space, refer to contemporary social issues. The provocative poster When Will War Come Finally? was placed on a billboard at Koszykowa Street in Warsaw, in close proximity of the U.S. Embassy, three days before the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001. In the context of these events, the work – according to the artists – became too literal in its character; after the intervention of the embassy staff the word ‘war’ was erased from the poster. The piece is still associated with the tragedy in New York City.

Kiedy wreszcie będzie wojna, 2001, bilbord
When Will War Come Finally, 2001, billboard

Dzięki uprzejmości artystów
Courtesy of the artists

Fotografie/Photos: Wojciech Pacewicz