Natalia LL

Erotics and body are the vital themes in the works of Natalia LL , who has been dealing with them since the beginning of her artistic career, often using the form of a self-portrait. The artist is most commonly associated with the feminist movement, although her pieces alongside the current women’s issues often apply to universal themes – religion, mysticism, philosophy of body and soul. In search of inner harmony, Natalia LL often depicts interior conflict, contradictory emotions and feelings tormenting the human being. In a series of photographs Eroticism of Fear, Natalia LL presents her naked body in a forceful confrontation with the military element (a gas mask). She covers her face with it, applying a shade of aggression and mystery, contradictions and anxiety to the nudity. In this way she analyzes the female body as an unexplored, mysterious being.

Erotyzm trwogi, 2006, fotografia
Eroticism of Fear series, 2006, photography

Dzięki uprzejmości artystki
Courtesy of the artist

Fotografie/Photos: Wojciech Pacewicz