Anastasiia Mikhno

Anastasiia Mikhno Anastasiia Mikhno lives in the vicinity of the front line of the war. On her photographs, one can see bunches of flowers appearing in the lips of the portrayed young people; the flowers are emerging like a song, a scream or vomit. The traumatic experiences have been converted into an idealized language of flowers. The … [Read more…]

Artur Żmijewski

Artur Żmijewski KRWP features the former soldiers of the Honor Guards of the Polish Army, who are marching naked – but armed. The artist persuaded them to act out a representative parade drill in front of the camera. In the beginning they do it in full uniform, at the square next to the Tomb of the … [Read more…]

Krzysztof Wodiczko

Krzysztof Wodiczko Hiroshima, a site-specific show was performed on the 54th anniversary of the nuclear bomb, dropped on the city. It consisted of audio recordings of fifteen people – victims of the explosion, their children and grandchildren – who were telling their memories of those tragic events. Their stories were accompanied by an image of gesticulating … [Read more…]


Twożywo Artists from Twożywo group (1998-2011) in their actions, situated mainly in public space, refer to contemporary social issues. The provocative poster When Will War Come Finally? was placed on a billboard at Koszykowa Street in Warsaw, in close proximity of the U.S. Embassy, three days before the attack on the World Trade Center on September … [Read more…]

Mariusz Tarkawian

Mariusz Tarkawian The artist creates a vision of the golden age of peace, love and happiness; a utopian world without wars nor conflicts – A Dream. He is inspired by images and symbols of peace and love in art history, particularly in ancient mythologies and in contemporary pop culture. The 366 Rotations series was commissioned by Labirynt Gallery … [Read more…]

Krystiana Robb-Narbutt

Krystiana Robb-Narbutt Memory Fugue is dedicated to the memories of the artist’s family who perished in the Holocaust. It is an imaginary search for the relatives and the circumstances of their death. The boxes are devoted to individual members of the family on the basis of traumatic memories and thoughts about the deceased person. Some … [Read more…]

Józef Robakowski

Józef Robakowski In the Art Is Mighty! work, the artist juxtaposed a broadcast of a Soviet army parade with the music of the Slovenian band Laibach. Under Communism, the parade at the Red Square in Moscow commemorating the October Revolution was broadcast on the anniversary of the event in Eastern Bloc countries. In the video, this monumental … [Read more…]

Joanna Rajkowska

Joanna Rajkowska Painkillers are models of weapons often used in contemporary conflicts created as castings made from powdered painkillers and polyurethane resin. The concept of the piece refers to research into biological weapons. Its main assumption is that the same pharmaceutical companies often engage in the production of biological weapons and clinical research and medicines … [Read more…]

Urszula Pieregończuk

Urszula Pieregończuk “The summer of 1945, a sailor is kissing a nurse on Time Square. A photographer presses the shutter button. The woman’s body freezes in a pose of a bent string subjected to the force of a masculine grip. Americans celebrate the end of the war. The ideal moment, an ideal pictureframe. It will take years before this photo reaches … [Read more…]